Du Iz Tak?

As a tiny sprout unfurls, two damselflies peer at it in wonder. "Du iz tak?" one asks the other, in the private and mysterious language of the insects. This film imagines the dramatic possibilities to be found in even the humblest backyard, and offers a microcosmic view of the unstoppable cycle of life.


Du Iz Tak? is based on the book by Carson Ellis. The film was adapted, directed, and animated by Galen Fott. The musical score was composed and produced by Sarah Hart. The film is produced by Paul R. Gagne and Melissa R. Ellard. Running time is 11:05.



Eli D'Amico

Sebastian D'Amico

Burton Fott

Galen Fott

Laura Fott

Sarah Hart

Bella Higginbotham

Evelyn Hipp

Brian Hull



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Images from the film Du Iz Tak? Copyright © 2018 Weston Woods Studios, Inc.

Du Iz Tak? book text and illustrations Copyright © 2016 by Carson Ellis